The Author

Emily Simmons

Emily SimmonsIt is rare that I meet someone that impresses me beyond words, especially when that someone is under the age of twenty.  Don’t get me wrong, I have met plenty of people that impress me, what I mean is someone that totally knocks my socks off; the type of person that you want to be around in hopes that their talent will somehow magically rub off on you.  And, when that person becomes a prominent member of the community (which is inevitable), you can say “I knew them when” as if somehow that will bring you up to their level.  For example, I met Lance Armstrong when he was thirteen, long before he became a household name.  I knew then that he was going to be a great bicycle racer, but had no idea he’d win the Tour de France seven times.

Emily G. Simmons is one of these people.  She just turned nineteen and has already done some amazing things.  For example, she has written 22 Christian children’s books.  Spot the Puppy, the first in the series, is being published as I write this.  Not only is Spot the Puppy a brilliant book with a profound message, it is beautifully illustrated by Emily, as well.  The second book in the series is currently being illustrated and will be published in October.  What is truly amazing is that she never thought about fame and fortune when she was writing the books.  In fact, the first one was written and crafted into a hand-made book as a Christmas gift for one of her siblings.  More than anything, she wants the readers of her books to learn about Jesus’ love while learning a valuable life lesson.

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of her book and this is my review:  “Spot the Puppy, although written for children, should be read by adults, too.  In a world where the line between right and wrong is often blurred, this gem of a book is a refreshing reminder that integrity is more important now than ever.  Nineteen-year-old author, Emily G. Simmons spins a delightful tale of a young puppy’s values put to the test.  Rarely, if ever, does such a great children’s story come with such a profound message.”  To read an excerpt or purchase Spot the Puppy, Emily’s first book, visit her Facebook page at or

Emily’s writing career started at a very early age when she would tell stories to her brothers and sisters.  One of the family’s favorite activities is camping on their property away from the house.  There they take turns sitting around the bonfire telling stories.  Emily’s were always the longest and most elaborate which made writing them down and putting them into a book a natural progression.  Her favorite authors are God, of course, Janet Oke and Lucy Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables.

The Simmons FamilyEmily is the second oldest in a family of ten children (7 boys and 3 girls).  When I asked her what it was like growing up with nine brothers and sisters, she reminded me that because the children were introduced into her life gradually, it was easy adjusting to the family’s growth.  This wasn’t the only time during our conversation I said “duh” to myself.  Emily likes to spend individual time with her brothers and sisters.  Her mother, Mary-Belle, says she is great at conflict resolution which keeps the fighting and bickering among her siblings to a minimum.  Emily’s biggest strength when it comes to her siblings is reading their “love language” which, she says, allows her to love each of them on their own terms instead of hers.  When Emily isn’t filling in for her Mom or spending time with her siblings, she enjoys reading, writing (obviously), playing the piano, gardening, biking, baking and sewing.

During the interview, I was in awe of Emily’s intelligence and maturity.  When I was nineteen, I could barely get myself to work on time and had no inkling of what I wanted to do with my life.  Emily, on the other hand, has her life pretty much figured out.  Emily, like all the children in the Simmons family was homeschooled and has just graduated.  Following in her older brother’s footsteps, she will be attending college at Hyles-Anderson College, a private Bible college in Hammond, Indiana.  Her goal is to become a writer and start a family of her own once she graduates from college.

There is no doubt in my mind that Emily is going to do great things with her life, beyond those she has already done.  Certainly, with the publishing of her first children’s book, her writing career is well on its way.  Like Lance Armstrong, I am certain the talent that Emily displays now is just the tip of the iceberg.   When I asked her what she attributes her success to, she said “Walking with God makes the difference.”