Spot the Puppy and Friends Coloring Book

This is a beautifully illustrated coloring book highlighting Spot the Puppy and his Friends.  This is a perfect addition to your Spot the Puppy book collection.  Spot looks like your average puppy. He is brown, with a dark brown spot over his right eye. Judging by the way he looks, there is nothing terribly unique about Spot. But there is, in fact, something very different about him. And what makes Spot different from just any other puppy, is that he always stands up for what’s right. But just like anyone else, he was not simply born that way. Oh, no! In fact, Spot had to learn the hard way how important it is to stand up for right.

  • 16-pages
  • Children’s Coloring Book
  • Beautifully Illustrated
  • Compendium to a Series of 22 children’s books
  • Spot the Puppy Fan Club


“Spot the Puppy, although written for children, should be read by adults, too. In a world where the line between right and wrong is often blurred, this gem of a book is a refreshing reminder that integrity is more important now than ever. Nineteen-year-old author, Emily G. Simmons spins a delightful tale of a young puppy’s values put to the test. Rarely, if ever, does such a great children’s story come with such a profound message.” – Asheboro Magazine

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